Wonder if I can get my buddy Ron back on a deck

So, I use to board with a guy named Ron in South Lake Tahoe.  He was a crazy bastard that would do ANYTHING on a dare.  I probably carted him off to Barton Memorial Hospital.  Broken fingers, broken arm, broken leg, lots of stitches.  His parents use to get pissed.

So I was thinking about him and went looking to see if I could find him.  I did.  Married.  Handful of kids.  Successful businessman. He started a hood cleaning service in Las Vegas.  I didn’t even know what the hell ‘hood cleaning’ was until I called him.  He makes it sound adventurous and fun.  I almost felt like he was screwing with me – I found it a little hard to imagine that it would be exciting or even fun.  But then again, this was the guy that was laughing at his fingers were pointing in 3 different directions as I helped him get to the hospital emergency room.