The Top Three Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

los angeles french cuisine

los angeles french cuisine

Los Angeles is one of the most well-known cities in the United States, if not the world. There are tons of people who come in daily to visit since the climate is great and there are so many attractions. For me, I think that the main attraction is the food.

Sure you can go to Hollywood and look at all the visit Universal Studios, but the food is far more affordable for a middle-class worker like me. That’s the best part about cuisine in any city. If it’s a truly great establishment, then you should be able to afford a meal there.

los angeles great restaurant

A Food Affair is a French restaurant located in Los Angeles, and it is definitely one of my favorite French restaurants in any town. Los Angeles is such a big city that there are plenty of different styles of cuisine you can eat. French food is common in a lot of cities, but it’s also something that I don’t see in every city. This restaurant is located in Pico-Robertson, in Los Angeles. First, I want to talk about the food at this Los Angeles restaurant.

A Food Affair has a very diverse menu, and a lot of the dishes sound really fancy and intimidating. I have ordered things like a mushroom torte and beef bourguignon (beef burgundy), and it’s always tough to decide whether I should order something new or continue getting them. If you’re like me, then you are not really familiar with a ton of French dishes.

When my server came to take my order, I told her the only French food I knew of was escargot and french toast. She was very friendly and provided me with a suggestion. This reminds me of my next point, but I will get to that in a bit. I have never seen anybody send their dish back or complain, so that’s always a good sign. Even when bringing friends to A Food Affair, they have commented on how fresh all of the food tasted. That’s definitely not something that you would hear every day.

I like to think that all of the high-end restaurants in Los Angeles are worth their prices, but they’re really not. You need to look for the places like this, that balance quality and price. The next thing that is great about A Food Affair is the service, as I mentioned above. All of the staff is very friendly. Each time, as I’m being seated, I am greeted with smiles and a staff member asks how my day has been so far. My server is always making sure that my glass is never empty, and asking if I need anything else.

Some other restaurants in Los Angeles try too hard to have helpful staff, and it becomes annoying. Like when you are the only person in the restaurant, so the waiters just keep bugging you while you’re trying to eat. I think other restaurant owners should try A Food Affair and other similar restaurants, so they can get helpful tips from each other on how to run the businesses.

I couldn’t end this review without talking about how beautiful A Food Affair is, though. The interior is decorated beautifully, with nice brick walls that are very clean and plenty of lighting. Not a lot of restaurants can pull off the dark look, but A Food Affair produces a romantic setting perfect for dates. If you want to hear some of my other thoughts, make sure to check out one of the great online reviews that I left for them on Yelp.

los angeles prime tacos

Next up, we have some Mexican food. There’s a difference between American “Mexican” restaurants and legitimate Mexican restaurants that only serve 100% homemade food. Senoritas Prime Tacos falls into the latter category, otherwise, I would not be reviewing the restaurant. Found in West Los Angeles, there are a lot of other restaurants nearby that almost got this spot.

Maybe there will have to be a second article where I review all of those ones. Anyways, the food here is also very good. I will always love some great, homemade tacos. Especially in Los Angeles. My favorite dishes to order from Senoritas Prime Tacos are the carne asada tacos, the prime rib tacos, and the Mexican chopped salad. It’s hard to find a favorite, so I made it easier on myself and picked three favorites.

That’s basically what I did with this review, as well. I appreciate that the staff takes the time to wipe down each and every table after someone has sat down there, even when the restaurant is packed. Little things like that just add up, and then eventually you have a great restaurant.

For those of you who live with a fixed income, like me, then you can’t afford to waste all of your money on food. No matter how good it is. That’s another key aspect of Senoritas Prime Tacos that makes the experience so great. You’re never paying too much for your food, but it tastes great nonetheless. Top this with a very friendly atmosphere from staff that’s always smiling. My words alone may not be enough to convince you, but I’m sure that the other positive online reviews should be able to.

los angeles restaurant otium

Last but not least, if you’re still unimpressed with the other restaurants then maybe Otium will pique your interest. Otium also serves a lot of unique foods that I had not tried previously, but if you bring a picky eater with you I’m sure there will also be something on the menu for them. With restaurants like this, they always cater to everyone’s tastes. One thing that sets Otium apart from the other restaurants is its location.

This time you will be eating in downtown Los Angeles, right next to parks and museums. Perfect for a family that wants to spend all day doing something. Again, the restaurant is also very clean. If a restaurant was dirty, then it wouldn’t be one of the greatest in Los Angeles. There was another restaurant that I had initially planned on adding to this list, but the kitchen failed to pass a safety inspection.

They had a dirty exhaust hood, which can cause grease fires if not cleaned. I know the number of a nearby Los Angeles hood cleaning service, so I gave it to this restaurant’s management. You can also contact Los Angeles Hood Cleaning from their website,

The management was so satisfied with the service, in fact, that they chose to pay for a commercial kitchen cleaning as well. They learned about that one from the website’s about page. Having a clean kitchen will definitely help your restaurant get more amazing reviews, so don’t hesitate to click now.