The Latest Top Three Restaurants in Orlando

orlando great seafood restaurant

pad thai in orlandoIf you haven’t been Orlando, then I only have one question for you. Do you like food? You don’t have to be a foodie like Guy Fieri to enjoy great food, and I have certainly lived my life along those lines for a while. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a legitimate food critic and critique all of the different things that a restaurant got right and wrong, but with these three only the former were necessary. Keep in mind that my thoughts are different from the ones of others, mine just happen to be better.

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The three restaurants in Orlando that I will be reviewing are a Thai restaurant, a seafood restaurant, and a burger restaurant. I will start first with the Thai restaurant, Coco Thai Cuisine. This restaurant is found by Sand Lake in Orlando, which isn’t that far away from Universal Studios Orlando. Where do I start with this restaurant? There are so many different things that I enjoy about Coco Thai Cuisine, so it’s hard to keep my thoughts organized. We should start with the menu.

A lot of Thai restaurants that I have visited in the past (especially in Orlando) are one-tricks, only really specializing in one or two dishes that most of their customers will order. Assuming they come back, that is. Coco Thai Cuisine has a lot of regulars, and that is because they have so many great things on the menu to order. The top two things that are my favorites to order are the red curry duck and the fried bananas. A lot of my friends were apprehensive when I first brought them here, because a lot of the dishes sound kind of exotic and they were unsure if they would like them.

However, I encourage all of you who are reading this to take a risk. The staff is knowledgeable enough to know what each of the dishes taste like, so you can always ask them what goes into a dish or something similar to that. Even if you are a vegetarian or have other similar dietary restrictions, just let the server know. They should be able to find something for you to eat.

It might take a lot of bravery and courage for some people to first try out Coco Thai Cuisine’s food, but once you’re over the initial hump then you will realize why I like it so much too. As I just mentioned, the staff here are very excellent as well. If you have any questions, they will never hesitate or not know the answer. All of your questions will be answered immediately, especially if they are about the food. I have come to learn that all of Coco Thai Cuisine’s waiters are also fans of the food, so they eat it regularly as well.

How’s that for a synergy? When bringing friends who have children, they have always been accommodated. In addition, the staff are also very friendly to the elderly. Even if the elderly are being very cranky, which happens more often than you would think. This actually brings me to my next point, in fact: the servers here never crack under pressure, either.

I have eaten at this Orlando restaurant during some extremely busy times, and the waiters just all work together like a well-oiled machine. The chefs never bicker, and it makes me wish all restaurants worked this efficiently. All of their hard work has definitely paid off in the end, because it manages to keep the business of my friends and me. If you don’t believe me about the regulars, go online and read one of the great online reviews. You’ll see a lot of them mention how frequently they eat here.

orlando great seafood restaurant

Thai food isn’t the only food in Orlando, though. Orlando may not be literally right on the water like Tampa, but you’re still within a mile or two of the shoreline. This can only mean one thing: great seafood. Bonefish Grill is located right next to the Orlando International Airport, so if you are arriving in or leaving Orlando then it’s a great place to stop. I can’t tell you how many meals I have eaten here as a result of business trips leaving me nearby.

For me, I have difficulty getting into the restaurants that are located inside of the airport. If I have to go inside of the airport to eat there, then it is not very convenient for me. I appreciate restaurants that are located nearby airports but don’t necessitate me going inside and battling the tourist population of Florida. The one thing that I order most from Bonefish Grill is anything with crab in it.

I would drive to the other side of Florida for an amazing crab cake, but fortunately for me they’re located right in town. I can’t go into detail about the other dishes here, because there is no way I would ever pass up on some amazing crab if I’m eating at Bonefish Grill. I’m sure that one of the positive online reviews will contain all of the info that you need.

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I saved Marlow’s Tavern for last, but that does not make it a bad restaurant. Everyone knows what to expect when eating at a gastropub/burger place, so there’s not a ton of stuff that will be new information to you. This time around, you will be eating just south of Sand Lake in Orlando.

Marlow’s Tavern does do one thing that separates itself from the Orlando competition, though. It’s extremely clean. I am sure that cleanliness isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “gastropub”, especially if you don’t even know what that means.

Regardless, the staff does the sanitation very well. I’m curious to see what the inside of the kitchen looks like, especially because a clean kitchen minimizes risk. I used to work for hood cleaners in Orlando, and I saw the worst of the worst. Places that somehow didn’t burn down as the result of a miracle.

If you are a restaurant owner reading this and you’re interested, their website is Click now, and a giant weight will hopefully be lifted off of your shoulders. Then you can watch all of the amazing reviews flow in.