The Latest Top Three Restaurants in Orlando

pad thai in orlandoIf you haven’t been Orlando, then I only have one question for you. Do you like food? You don’t have to be a foodie like Guy Fieri to enjoy great food, and I have certainly lived my life along those lines for a while. Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a legitimate food critic and critique all of the different things that a restaurant got right and wrong, but with these three only the former were necessary. Keep in mind that my thoughts are different from the ones of others, mine just happen to be better. Continue reading “The Latest Top Three Restaurants in Orlando”

My Top Three Favorite Restaurants in Phoenix

phoenix texas roadhouse restaurant

I have only been to Phoenix a few times, but each time I go on a vacation here I always learn more about the city (and state). My parents decided to retire here, and as soon as they got here they wanted to try everything the city has to offer. As a result of that, my parents know every single restaurant in the city and they know which ones to take me to. I love food, but more from a food reviewing stance than just plain obesity. I thought that I would put my food reviewing skills to use, and shed some light on my new favorite food in Phoenix. Continue reading “My Top Three Favorite Restaurants in Phoenix”

The Top Three Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

los angeles french cuisine

Los Angeles is one of the most well-known cities in the United States, if not the world. There are tons of people who come in daily to visit since the climate is great and there are so many attractions. For me, I think that the main attraction is the food. Continue reading “The Top Three Best Restaurants in Los Angeles”