Thank god it’s tuesday? Other than friday, tuesdays are actually my favorite day of the week. Usually. If it’s a new month, it means that the new games are being released in the PlayStation store, and the weekly discounts are also updated. It also means the weekly reset for Destiny 2, which is where all of the difficult activities in the game rotate the featured level for that week. Today’s a particularly special tuesday, however. My 2DS that was supposed to arrive yesterday had a sudden change in delivery date the day of, so it got shifted to today.


Not only that, but I also got Steph a Breaking Bad figure because it was like 75% off, and it’s currently at the Sparks post office. It was supposed to arrive yesterday as well, but I think I may have entered in her address wrong. She lives on the edge of Sparks and Sun Valley, so it’s difficult to accurately gauge which city she is in. She always tells me that she lives in Sun Valley, but I’ve seen a few map applications say that she lives in Sparks and Sun Valley so I don’t know which one to believe. Her mom’s just gonna drive her down there tonight to pick it up. They might actually go to pick it up tomorrow, because she has a promotion ceremony tonight for ROTC. I’m pretty sure her school is the Army branch, but she never paid attention so she doesn’t know.


Last but not least, today is pretty much my friday. I attempted to make that clear by using a pun in the title, but it was admittedly pretty vague. Seniors don’t have to go to school tomorrow, and there’s no school for anyone in Oregon for the rest of the week. Take that, all you dumb schools with a fall break. In other recent news, my neck has been sore every morning when I wake up. I don’t know if it’s because I naturally curl into the fetal position when I sleep or what, but it’s really bothering me. When I visit my dad, I’ll have to go with him to a reno chiropractor and see if they can help me.