Oh man! My new OneWheel Plus is on order!

I’ve been eyeballing the OneWheel since it was in Kickstarter.  I almost bought one then but figured I didn’t need to be an early adaptor.  I am so glad I waited!

The OneWheel + is so much more elegant and seems to be superior in electronics and performance.  With more distance on each charge, faster pickup speeds, and with an improved sensor pad, I see the OneWheel + as the machine I really wanted.

So, I put my order in!  Crazy excited to get it.  I was comfortable paying for the whole thing upfront because I picked up a new client last week and I think that this Orlando Hood Cleaning company is going to be a great client to improve my bottom line.  So, I’m getting a toy!  I put my order in on Saturday.  They say they’re able to fill orders the next day. So I’m hoping to have it in my hands by next Friday.

I went to Amazon and ordered pads and a helmet.  Next, I think I’ll buy a travel bag for it so that I can take it easy on trips.