My Top Three Favorite Restaurants in Phoenix

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I have only been to Phoenix a few times, but each time I go on a vacation here I always learn more about the city (and state). My parents decided to retire here, and as soon as they got here they wanted to try everything the city has to offer. As a result of that, my parents know every single restaurant in the city and they know which ones to take me to. I love food, but more from a food reviewing stance than just plain obesity. I thought that I would put my food reviewing skills to use, and shed some light on my new favorite food in Phoenix.

shrimp and mashed potatoes

I’ll review the Texas Roadhouse that I ate at first because most people are familiar with this restaurant. There are plenty of Texas Roadhouse locations all across the United States, but not all of them are amazing. There’s one in Oregon that really disappointed me because they changed up the ordering process and the food was really not that good. Fortunately for me, that was not the first one I ate at, otherwise I likely would have become disillusioned with the idea of eating there.

Even though Texas Roadhouse primarily serves barbecued food, there are still a lot of different things that you can order on the menu. In the past, I have ordered the Roadkill, which is a steak with swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms and onions on it. Not the healthiest thing on the planet, but it tasted good to me. Since I was eating at a new location, I decided to order something new. That new dish would be the ribs. If you haven’t eaten anything all day and you’re starving like I am, then there is nothing like a full rack of ribs from the Texas Roadhouse.

The meat just falls right off of the bone, and I wish I could get the recipe for their barbecue sauce. Nothing will ever come out of a can in the Texas Roadhouse’s kitchen, especially not the location near the Hampton Square Apartments in Phoenix. There is not a doubt in my mind that I could continue to order the ribs each time I come back, and I probably will as long as my weight can handle it. My wallet will definitely be able to because all of the food at Texas Roadhouse is very affordable.

There’s nothing like a great rack of ribs that doesn’t cost too much. The rolls that they give you are also really good too, and they have been consistent in quality no matter where I go. Another thing that I noticed about Texas Roadhouse was the cleanliness. My waiter made sure to wipe down the table and sanitize it BEFORE I sat down, which I think has become less and less common in restaurants. Maybe I just need to eat at these ones more often or dine exclusively in Phoenix.

Sanitation is not only important from a customer satisfaction standpoint, but also from a health and safety standards perspective. Health and safety violations can get a restaurant shut down faster than your customers can throw their peanut shells on the ground. I used to work at a restaurant in Scottsdale, it had one of the worst kitchens I have ever seen. In the sense of sanitation, at least. That restaurant was one of the instances where they got lucky and had no grease fires, but I could always tell that the kitchen’s exhaust hood was really dirty.

I passed Phoenix Hood Cleaners on the way to one of the restaurants. They’re called Phoenix Hood Cleaning, and I found their website immediately (it was at the top of the google search). I clicked on it and read about it for a bit while waiting for my food. Looks like a very reliable business, in my opinion.

Luckily for these Phoenix restaurants, they have a hood cleaning business nearby. Restaurants in other Arizona cities aren’t so fortunate. Having a clean restaurant and a clean kitchen will surely drive more people to write positive online reviews about your Phoenix restaurant. Or it should, at least.

phoenix restaurant arrogant butcher

Next up, there’s The Arrogant Butcher. Keep in mind that this restaurant is also a gastropub, so this review should apply more to the audience aged above 21. If there’s one thing that I like more than seafood, it’s amazing seafood. As such, I have only tried the seafood here. I can’t attest to the quality of everything else, but I am sure that it is all amazing.

The Arrogant Butcher is found in the Warehouse District of Phoenix. I realize that it does not sound like a place where you would find very many great restaurants, but that is the sole purpose of this review. To hopefully help people reconsider their options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Phoenix.

The Arrogant Butcher has great service, food, atmosphere, you name it. It’s a shame that I can’t eat their seafood for each meal of the day, otherwise I would. The proportions here are also very nice, so you should always have at least some to take home. I can’t stand when chefs are stingy with their food. Again, expect nothing less than great reviews for The Arrogant Butcher.

phoenix great italian restaurant

Finally, the last restaurant that I went to in Phoenix. L’Amore Italian Restaurant has all of the staples of a great high-end Italian restaurant: professional waiters, amazing food, and plenty of positive reviews to go around. L’Amore Italian Restaurant is found by the Lincoln View Plaza in Phoenix, close by to some other great places.

You can find any number of activities to do, no matter where you are in town. A lot of Italian restaurants can mimic the feeling of being in another country, but L’Amore Italian Restaurant has the most authentic food I have tasted.

Maybe it’s just the most natural ingredients that I have eaten because I’ve never really been to Italy. I love the waiters who work here, and they are all very kind and professional. I should expect nothing less from one of the best restaurants in Phoenix.