Roofing Contractor in Corpus Christi Who Made My Life Easier

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With the recent passing of my father, our old family home was passed on to me. It’s not a subject that everyone loves to hear about, but it is necessary to create a relevant context for my article. When I came and visited the house, I was shocked at the house’s state of disrepair. He was frail in his later years, and I didn’t live close enough to check in on the house frequently. I decided that it would be better to fix up the house and put it back on the market, rather than keeping it. Continue reading “Roofing Contractor in Corpus Christi Who Made My Life Easier”

Already nabbed myself one birthday gift

First of all, I’m just going to preface this post by saying that if you don’t enjoy shower thoughts or personal rambling, then turn away now. Then again, if you didn’t really care about my thoughts, you wouldn’t have made it this far. I wonder if someone out there will eventually stumble upon one of my articles and realize how interesting and cool I am? Probably not, just because the internet is such a huge place. Definitely not just because I’m uncool or something like that. I’m currently listening to Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin with my new sound bar that my dad bought me. Continue reading “Already nabbed myself one birthday gift”

Best type of board for different terrains

Time to preface yet another post by admitting that I have no extensive knowledge of boards or anything like that. However, my cousin Gabe has bought a multitude of boards and brought them to my house, so I have a little experience in just riding the boards themselves. I actually have a real issue with balance, so it’s tough for me to ride anything without a handlebar. It could just be my bad posture, but I honestly think it’s something much deeper. And I’m a pretty honest guy, if you hadn’t noticed by now. Continue reading “Best type of board for different terrains”