Already nabbed myself one birthday gift

First of all, I’m just going to preface this post by saying that if you don’t enjoy shower thoughts or personal rambling, then turn away now. Then again, if you didn’t really care about my thoughts, you wouldn’t have made it this far. I wonder if someone out there will eventually stumble upon one of my articles and realize how interesting and cool I am? Probably not, just because the internet is such a huge place. Definitely not just because I’m uncool or something like that. I’m currently listening to Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin with my new sound bar that my dad bought me.

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I have a buddy in Las Vegas who recently started his own business, and ┬áhe was able to afford the same kind of speaker because he has had more customers since he started doing Las Vegas Special Use Permits. It’s the exact same one that Sheri previously bought him, except this one is in my room so technically it’s different. On the plus side, I already know beforehand how to operate the speaker since I used my dad’s in the living room all summer. He brought it up in my convertible when he drove it here, so I had no idea that I was getting a sound bar. He said it cost $250 so hopefully the rest of my family doesn’t hear that and then shy away from the big laptop purchase. It kinda sucks in a way that he bought it for me, because I don’t really feel like I deserved a gift of that magnitude.

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Maybe a pat on the back and a lecture about working hard would have sufficed. I don’t really think I deserve anything, but my thinking is probably clouded since it’s pretty late. My cousin Cody’s birthday is the day before mine, so we’re heading to Portland tomorrow to visit him with my grandpa. My grandpa is actually in pretty poor physical health, because he unfortunately had a recent event in which he had to be hospitalized. This was a few months ago, but he hasn’t recovered since then. Now he’s just barely getting around without using his wheelchair, if at all. I would hate to be imprisoned like that. At least he got to live a full life.