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Taking more steps for post-grad life

Seeing as how I’m a senior, I have to take a senior project class. It’s not just about the senior project, however, because we also signed up for the FAFSA (federal aid) and learned how to request our transcripts so we can send them to a college. I can’t decide if I want to do community college here or in reno, and if I do it in Reno then I’ll have to think of a mode of transportation. If I learned the schedule correctly, I might even be able to take public transportation.


It makes me really nervous to be around the freaks, but I’ll have to build up a tolerance if I ever want to visit San Francisco. In any event, we recently started working on our resumes. I don’t know how to put the accent on the e, because I’m unfamiliar with Macs. So we started working on our resumes in class, but my mom is actually really good with that kind of stuff so she helped me build mine at home. That’s one of the few rare occurrences where my dad can’t help me with something that my mom can.

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He didn’t go to college, but he graduated high school. My mom made it all the way through college and she’s actually still in it right now. Kind of. I’m going to put it in my next blog post if I can, but I don’t have a ton of work experience right now. I’ve only been employed for three months. She also helped me write my cover letter, which is due on Monday. We have to turn both of them in so that our teachers can look over them. It’s actually a pretty useful class, and it makes me feel bad for anyone who didn’t take it because they never got the chance to learn about real life like we did.

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I’m still looking for a class that will teach my how to pay taxes. We need to learn how to live in the real world. My friend in Playa Vista knows a lot about the real world. I met him last year, and he told me about all of his plans after graduation. He was going to move to California and start his own business, and so far it looks like he’s successful. His dog daycare seems to be doing pretty great.